New David Sylvian track on album LAND

A new track featuring David Sylvian, called Nothing Is Happening Everywhere is being released on the upcoming album Night Within by the London duo Land (Daniel Lea and Matthew Waters).

The album is released on Important Records on gatefold CD and Ltd Edition 12″ Grey Vinyl.


L A N D release their debut album, Night Within on 10th July 2012 through Important Records. CD & LP packaged in deluxe first edition letterpressed jackets. LP pressed in an edition of 500.

Guest contributions include David Sylvian, Daniel O’Sullivan (Miracle and Ulver), Duke Garwood and many others with the two creators, Daniel Lea and Matthew Waters, both taking a directorial role. The album was sculpted in Reykjavik by Ben Frost, enhanced by his signature aural physicality and visceral sub bass. The album is a vast collision of sound, from free brass and woodwind to “geometric” bowed cymbals and metallic percussion.

But more than simply music, the multidisciplinary L A N D draw on and evoke a wide range of art forms. They describe this work as, “approaching an apocalyptic noir narrative,” and Night Within, despite its slate visual appeal which recalls the grey paintings of Gerhard Richter, thematically points towards a world occupied by the early postmodern detective stories of Paul Auster and the urban neon dislocation of Taxi Driver with its existential protagonist roaming the city alone late at night.


1. Nothing is Happening Everywhere (Featuring David Sylvian)
2. Into The Blue
3. Stillman
4. Nighthawks
5. Cosmopolis
6. Hotel Room
7. Cold Desire

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