Mojo & The Wire Interviews

Both UK magazines Mojo and The Wire feature in their September 2009 issues interviews with David. Besides talking about the past, David is very open about the Manafon project and taking steps from there.
Very good, new photographs by Donald Milne is giving the Wire article an extra reason for the collector to get this issue.

Mojo, september 2009

The interview in Mojo magazine (issue 190, September 2009) is a 6 page feature by Phil Alexander and accompanies with photographs of Kevin Westenberg, Yuka Fujii and some remarkable picture from the old days, mainly provided by people of (maintianed by Paul Rymer).

Wire, september 2009

The issue of The Wire (issue 307, September 2009) has a great picture by Donald Milne on the cover and furtermore 4 other photographs in the article. The interview is very good and gives even more information about the new album the dvd Amplified Gesture, which is part of the deluxe edition of Manafon.


But the biggest surpirse is not in the magazine but on the Wire site. There is an article about Amplified Gesture, about the preview at the ICA event and 2 streaming videos taken from Amplified Gesture: Trailer and Small Metal God.

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