Soundtrack of Monster released on June 26th.

David had just finished up work on a song for the anime incarnation of the justifiably famous manga MONSTER. The music from “Monster” is released in Japan on 23/6. The catalogue number is VPCG 84807. For more information, take a look here.

For The Love Of Life is the track that David wrote for animated TV version of one of the most successful Manga comic series ever printed. “Monster” is the work of acclaimed Manga author Naoki Urasawa.

The animation series started on April 6th 2004 in Tokyo and its surrounding area, while in other areas it started on April 12. At the moment, it’s screening is limited to Japan only.

In the credits of the TV-series the following credits are given:
“For The Love Of Life”
lyrics & vocals by: David Sylvian
composed by: David Sylvian & Haishima Kuniaki
music by: Haishima Kuniaki
Ending Theme to “MONSTER”

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