A note on the Live from the Budokan 2CD set


This is a note (warning) on the news article, as published on August 1st 2020, regarding the release of the 2CD set “Japan – Live From The Budokan, Tokyo FM 1982“.

It seems that the release is illegal! On twitter, there was a correspondence between Philip Groom (@GroomPhilip) and Steve Jansen (@istevejansen).
Steve mentions in his tweets that the record company involved doesn’t own the rights of the recording. So the release is illegal.

Personally, we posted it in good faith and weren’t to know that the record company hadn’t got the rights. Therefore all links to Amazon product pages and the item on my Amazon affiliate shop are removed.

Original post (August 1 2020):

A new live cd has been released of Japan’s performance at the Budokan, Tokyo as part of their final tour in 1982.

For this show on 8 December 1982, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Yukihiro Takahashi from YMO and Akiko Yano joined Japan on stage for encores.

The show contains the only live performance of Sylvian’s first single with Ryuichi Sakamoto, ‘Bamboo Music’, and his duet with Akiko Yano, ‘Goodnight’. It was recorded for radio at the time.

The release is on Floating World Records.

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