Weathered Wall (live 1988)

Released at March 23, 1988

Release date:

March 23, 1988





You were someone to believe in
A place for hope in a changing world
Feeling every moment
Every one of the years spent in your arms

After a lifetime of living
These soiled hands show no life at all
Working at all hours
Never facing the fears here in my heart

Grieving for the loss of heaven
Weeping for the loss of heaven
By the wailing wall

You were someone to believe in
Giving life where there was a will to learn
But it's the nature of living
To count only the years left in your heart

Performed live in The Praise Of Shamans tour 1988.

David Sylvian – vocals, keyboards
Richard Barbieri – keyboards, guitar
Steve Jansen – drums, percussion
David Torn – guitars
Robbie Aceto – guitars, vocals
Mark Isham – trumpet
Ian Maidman bass


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