Rockwell Hall University, Buffalo

March 29, 1988

March 29, 1988

There is no mentioning of it in the 80 Days book.

There is a audience recording labelled with this date and all in very good quality.

Here is an excerpt from a message, written by someone who was there:

As a charter member of the Performing Arts Center staff, I was serving as the Operations/Technical Director during the time that this performance took place and can verify that David Sylvian did appear at Rockwell Hall. While the file for this event no longer remains, I recall that his appearance was promoted and sponsored by B-Sharp Productions, a local Buffalo agency, not by Buffalo State College.

Additionally, as this was the first alternative music concert sponsored by a promoter to be held in the venue, many people were concerned that the mission of the Performing Arts Center would be compromised. It wasn’t and the venue has since gone on to be a popular music site for the Buffalo-Niagara community.

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