Charles Lindsay – Science Fiction

Released at January 1, 2003

Release date:

January 1, 2003 








25 sets of this DVD plus a silver gelatin print were offered at selected venues.

Charles Lindsay did the photography as used on Camphor.

Charles Lindsay, the photographer who did the photography as used on Camphor, has been working on an exhibition called Science Fiction. This project consists of camera-less photographs, installations and videos. The first two videos features original sound created by David and Steve and has been shown at two venues in the U.S. According to Charles, the music was written specifically for these videos. Only 25 sets of these videos on DVD plus a silver gelatin print were offered at these venues.
Officially, it is said that one of these tracks is Mothlight.

On the official Samadhi Sound site (october 2005), 2 Quicktime videos are available featuring exerpts from the Sience Fiction video. These videos are very short and I doubt if these two excerpts plus Mothlight make the full soundtrack.

Visuals: Charles Lindsay
Editing: Liron Unreich
Audio: David Sylvian and Steve Jansen

If anyone has more information about this DVD, please let me know.

Charles Lindsay about Sience Fiction:

Science Fiction Artist’s Statement

The Science Fiction project is an exploration of fictitious worlds, combining my interest in the aesthetics of space exploration, microscopic discovery and abstract symbols. I am interested in the idea that so much of our expanding scientific knowledge is based on images from beyond our normal scope of vision.

This work brings full circle the visual and philosophical influences of my previous careers first in exploration geology and later as a photojournalist. During the years living with a remote hunting tribe in Indonesia it was their animistic world view which I found intriguing. From geology both the aesthetics and the representation of time were influential. I am interested in the challenge and implications of comprehending our relative scale within the universe.

The silver gelatin prints in the Science Fiction project are made from negatives utilizing a carbon emulsion on a transparent polyester base in an experimental and random process. Each negative is the result of my manipulation as well as numerous generations in the fluid’s history, where minute evaporation trails render an archeology of time. The videos are created from scans of the negatives which are animated and layered with shot footage.


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