Sylvian appears on New Twinkle3 album

Released at October 28, 2022

Release date:

October 28, 2022 







David Sylvian reads poetry, contributes field recordings and designed the artwork for the new album by Twinkle3.

Release information:

‘On ‘Upon This Fleeting Dream’ Clive Bell’s Twinkle3 embraces medieval and 16th-century Japanese poems and haiku about death and saying farewell. Bell and his trio, consisting of Dave Ross and Richard Scott, expand their sonic borders: bringing these pithy epigrams to a new Fourth World where electro-acoustic sounds glitches into a hypnagogic, if not the unconscious level of fragile beauty.

The distinctive voice of David Sylvian (ex-singer of Japan and known for his highly acclaimed solo work (Brilliant Trees, Secrets of The Beehive, Blemish…) and collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Robert Fripp, Holger Czukay and Jon Hassell amongst others) – who reads the English version of the poems and created field recordings and the artwork for this album – blends in the most organic way with the shakuhachi, Thai reed flutes and mouth organs played by Clive Bell.

The narrative voices of David Sylvian and Kazuko Hohki’s (Frank Chickens, Kahondo Style…) velvet timbre are the cornerstones of this compelling journey while the tangling and abstract rhythms transcending from Dave Ross’ modular synths and Richard Scott’s sampler and analogue electronics, unravel and unfold a mesmerizing universe with unknown dimensions and frequencies of a fleeting dream.’

Due for vinyl release on Cortizona on 28 October 2022.

Clive Bell appeared on ‘When Loud Weather Buffeted Noashima’ and Sylvian wrote sleevenotes for Twinkle3’s album ‘Debris in Lower Earth Orbit’.

Purchase links below with track excerpts, Sylvian can be heard on ‘Throughout the Frosty Night’ and ‘Empty Handed’.


Side 1

  1. “Upon This Fleeting Dream”
  2. “I Borrow Moonlight”
  3. “Throughout The Frosty Night”
  4. “My Coming, My Going”
  5. “If I Leave No Trace”

Side 2

  1. “The Cicada’s Song”
  2. “Kaite Mitari”
  3. “Cherry Blossoms Fall”
  4. “A Poppy Blooms”
  5. “Empty Handed”
Download the album now on Bandcamp
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