On The Periphery released!

On The Periphery - Chris Young

Press announcement 12th December 2013, United Kingdom.

The new biography of David Sylvian, entitled “On the Periphery”, has today been officially released. All pre-ordered copies have been dispatched, and the book is now available for immediate delivery.

Tracking Sylvian’s solo years, the book provides an extensive and comprehensive analysis of his solo career 1982-2013. Every solo work, group work, and every collaborative work is reviewed, and every song analysed as the book explains and interprets Sylvian’s fascinating personal, spiritual, and musical evolution.

Today one of music’s most innovative and enigmatic men, Sylvian has taken his audience on an intriguing journey from the heart of the pop machine to the outer reaches of musical composition. At the same time, he has become more and more reclusive, and has himself moved to the periphery. This is the place where he feels most comfortable, and where he finds the space he needs to be creative and innovative.

What led to this shift? What were the motivations? What aspects of Sylvian’s personal life affected this journey? How has Sylvian’s spirituality fed into his life and work, and how has it developed? What is it that makes the artist tick, and what is he consistently trying to convey to his audience and why? Answers to these questions are at the heart of this extensive biography. The book will be a touch-stone for anyone with a profound or passing interest in Sylvian’s career to date, and gives an insight into the man and his work that will enhance the appreciation of his back catalogue.

A fascinating man and a fascinating life!

A full description of the book, excerpts, some details of the author, and an ordering facility can be found at www.sylvianbiography.com

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