Ember Glance, The Permanence of Memory, Russell Mills, London 1993

Ember Glance London flyer, 1993
Published at June 3, 1993

A mini-installation of Ember Glance took place in London at the Architectural Association from 3 June 1993.

From the flyer: ‘an installation of sculpture, sound and light created in Japan 1990 by Russell Mills and David Sylvian with Ian Walton.

Opening 6.30pm 3 June in the AA bar

Presented by the Architectural Association, 36 Bedford Square, London WC1b 3ES.’

Russell Mills explains: ‘This exhibition/mini-installation took place in 1993, at the Architectural Association in London. I was contacted by one of the students who was representing her ‘group’; they were interested in the Ember Glance installation in its totality, but particularly for its use of architectural space. Of course it wasn’t viable to re-stage the full Ember Glance installation as it was created in Tokyo, so we agreed that they could use manageable elements of it, reconfigured for a space within the AA. The elements chosen included the five light boxes and all the box assemblages (over 20) I made. These were all suspended from the ceiling on near-invisible fishing lines. David (S) wasn’t involved at all. And as far as I remember it looked very good and was extremely well received, which was really gratifying.’ (2019)

  • Ember Glance London flyer, 1993

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