Snow White In Appalachia (Modesto Muñiz remix)

Released at August 24, 2013

Release date:

August 24, 2013


Opium (Arts) Ltd.





Half life
She moves in a half life

From her place on the stairs
Or sat in the backseat
Sometimes you're only a passenger
In the time of your life

And there's snow on the mattress
Blown in from the doorway
It would take pack mules and provisions
To get out alive

There were concerts and car crashes
There were kids she'd attended
And discreet indiscretions
For which she'd once made amends

And there's ice on the windshield
And the wipers are wasted
And the metal is flying
Between her and her friends

She'd abandoned them there
In the hills of Appalachia
She threw off the sandbags
To lighten the load

As soon as the sun rose
The keys were in the ignition
Following the tyre tracks
Of the truck sanding the road

There had to be drugs
Running through the girl's body
There had to be drugs
And they too had a name

And the adrenalin rush
Had left her exhausted
When under the blue sky
Nothing need be explained

And there is no maker
Just inexhaustible indifference
And there's comfort in that
So you feel unafraid

And the radio falls silent
But for short bursts of static
And she sleeps in a house
That once too had a name


Another brilliant remix by Modesto Muñiz.Personnel

music: dafeldecker/fennesz/moser/rowe/sylvian
lyrics: sylvian
guitar: keith rowe
piano: john tilbury
acoustic bass: werner dafeldecker
cello: michael moser
laptop, guitar: christian fennesz
vocals, keyboards: david sylvian
remix: Modesto Muñiz
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