How Little We Need To Be Happy

Released at May 26, 2003

Release date:

May 26, 2003


Samadhi Sound, Opium (Arts)






Opium (Arts)

She fell
No jewels for the hurt
When she fell
Where is the mother?

Draw back the sheets
Shake off the sleep and complete me
As I complete you
There's a universe of disappointment to be lost

How little we need to be happy
How little we need to be really happy

And you my girl
Did I forget to sing?
You, brimming with life and with joy
And curiousity

And the lights won't go out
The stars refuse to dim
And everything goes on but not as before

"They removed his voice
And the silence overwhelmed him"
How little it takes

Some of us are undecided
We might come to you
To find a new way out of this one
She should pull us through

What have they done to you?
Come here let me hold you
Cry all your tears
The sorrows that threaten to overwhelm you

Let's rise up again

(special thanks to Andrew Jackson)

From the Blemish album, featuring Derek Bailey.

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