Linoleum 12″

Released at September 18, 2001

Release date:

September 18, 2001 


Six Degrees Records Ltd.




Six Degrees records 657036 5055-1

The vinyl 12″ pressing of Linoleum

The vinyl 12″ pressing of Linoleum of Chris Vrenna’s project tweaker:
1. Linoleum (The Josh Wink interpretation) 8:43
2. Linoleum (Wamdue two-step Vocal Experience) 7:15
3. Linoleum (King Britt’s Scuba mix) 7:23

Vrenna’s a longtime fan of his work. “I was a big fan of Japan back in the ’80s and of David’s solo work — Gone to Earth is still one of my favorite records of all time,” he says. Vrenna sent Sylvian a ProTools session of audio tracks for him to sing on in his home studio in Northern California.

Produced by Chris Vrenna
Engineered by Chris Vrenna, Rich Mouser, Dave Kent
Recorded at Amethyst Digital and The Mouse House, Los Angeles, CA, and Synergy, Napa, CA
Mixed by Paul Leary and Chris Vrenna at Blue World Music, Austin,TX
Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Additional Musicians:
Guitars: Dallan Baumgarten, Mark Blasquez, King Buzzo, Wayne Kramer,
Rich Mouser, Clint Walsh
Violins: Petra Haden
Turntables: DJ Swamp

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