Ryuichi Sakamoto memorial issue “Japan’s Sakamoto” (July 2023)

Published at July 13, 2023

Ele-king books (Japan) published a Ryuichi Sakamoto memorial issue with interviews of several artists who worked with Ryuichi.

The real image of Ryuichi Sakamoto emerges from the testimonies of his co-stars

table of contents

Koichiro Kokubun Mr. Sakamoto has been thinking for a long time

David Sylvian
Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai)
Taylor Dupree
Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius)
Simon Reynolds

Shunji Iwai Mail from Mr. Sakamoto
Masakazu Kitanaka rambling thoughts

“Japanese Sakamoto”
Kotaro Kondo Sound is born, echoes, disappears.
Reiko Yuyama Don’t buy, don’t abuse, don’t corrupt.
Maki Mizukoshi “People’s Music” and “People’s Forest”

“Sakamoto of the World”
James Hadfield International Ryuichi Sakamoto
Liz Warner Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Lasting Impact on Detroit
Kinnara Dejira Three Phases

Discography (Densinooto, Manabu Uchida, Itaru Mita)

Sen no Sound
Kaku Mita 1. Tight and
massive Tomoko Takahashi 2. Deep and wide Date
Tokiyoshi 3. From “music” to “sound”

This is a mook publication which is physically similar to a magazine but is intended to remain on bookstore shelves for longer periods than traditional magazines, and is a popular format in Japan

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