Mark Prendergast – The Ambient Century

Published at November 20, 2000

From Mahler to Trance – The Evolution of Sound in the Electronic Age

The 509 pages of this interesting book will bring you to the ambient history of such valuable artists , starting from Mahler, Satie, Debussy, Stockhausen ,Cage , Eno and many more. It is about the development of ambient sound through classical music, minimalism, rock, electronic music, trance and techno.
In addition, David Sylvian has been mentioned and credited as the following:- ” Of all the pop and rock musicians to emerge in Britain during the early 1980s no one embraced the philosophy of Ambience and silence as thoroughly as David Sylvian” Through the chapter, Sylvian is highly praised.
Moreover, one black and white picture of David and Holger, taken by Yuka Fujji, is in this book too.
Last but not least, David Sylvian and Holger Czukay’s Plight & Premonition is also listed as one of 100 essential recordings of the 20th century of ambience music by the author.

But ….. how many covers are published? I found three.

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