Studio Brussel interviews David

Last wednesday David Sylvian gave an interview in Paris and answered questions on the making of Blemish. Listen to it online….. You can find the interview on Then you select ‘programma’s’ and then ‘schema’. Then look for ‘woensdag 23 uur’. Click on ‘court circuit’. The new screen will show you the programm and you can click ‘luister opnieuw’. The next screen gives you the possibility to listen to the first hour of the show or the second hour. Here you should click ‘eerste uur , 23u-0u’. You will have to listen to the complete program and wait until the last 20 minutes to hear the interview. As this page is regularly updated this interview should be there until wednesday-thursday of this week. The language you will hear during the programm is Dutch but the interview with David Sylvian is in English.

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