David ‘guest’ on new Zazou DVD: Quadri + Cromie (updated!)

Hector Zazou has completed mixing and assemblage of the new job for Materiali Sonori: “Quadri + Chromies”, a dvd and a cd realized with computer graphic images by French painter Bernard Caillaud. Video pictures and electronic music of great “deepness”. Guests in audio traces : Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Bill Rieflin (REM). release: september 2005

Hector Zazou + Bernard Caillaud – Quadri + Cromie

Just released on a DVD with the Italian magazine Experience by Pier Luigi Andreoni:

Pier Luigi Andreoni (Marco Polo projects) published a quarterly Magazine called Experience through his company Mattioli 1885 spa. Read more on the magazine’s site.
It contains music, essays, novels, photography etc. and there is always an unpublished novel and an unpublished various artists contemporary music CD. (like recently Distant Lights by Roger Eno and Pier Luigi Andreoni).

1. Carrès du Bleu au Noir
2. Arc En Ciel Vertical
3. Matière Pensante
4. Lignes and Rectangles
5. Elipses (unreleased)
6. 6 Pièces Courtes (unreleased)

David contribution: samples on instrumental track 3.
Ryuichi contributus in track 1, 4 and 5 (latter with Brian Eno)

Brian Eno and Ryuichi Sakamoto are together in the track called Ellipses

Peter Buck contribution in Lignes and Rectangles

Bill Rieflin contribution in Carrès du Bleu au Noir

Digital paintings by Bernard Cailloud

Materiali Sonori will release the DVD+CD pack in October.

Verification with David’s management made clear that a couple of years ago, David supplied Zazou with a selection of sounds which he has now incorporated into the track Matiére pensante of Quadri+Cromie. That was David’s only involvement in the project.

Soon more information and a competition to win this magazine plus DVD!

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