David on new Takagi Masakatsu album

David will contribute on Takagi Masakatsu’s new album COIEDA, coming out September 8, 2004. The track is called exit/delete.

On Takagi Masakatsu’s site:
new album COIEDA:
MTCD-1042 release from W+K Tokyo Lab., felicity
1: pia flies 2: new flat 3: midnight 4: cruz 5: exit/delete 6: COIEDA 7: O.P.R. 8: dogma 9: girls 10: private drawing 11: cuba 12: birldland #3 13: change of seasons 14: opfern 15: primo

Also a DVD is to be released:
1: birdland #3 2: girls 3: maggie’s trip 4: private drawing 5: new flat 6: aura 7: primo + special video by W+K Tokyo Lab. The DVD includes alternate versions of three visual pieces from the recent Fire in the Forest tour.

Both DVD and CD will be released on September 8, on the W+K Tokyo Lab label.”

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