Released at March 24, 1997

Release date:

March 24, 1997 



A collection of great movie soundtracks.Tracklisting:

Disc: 1

  1. Saint {Taken from “The Saint” O.S.T.} – Orbital
  2. Theme from Mission: Impossible – Adam Clayton
  3. Lovefool [Tee’s Club Radio Mix] [Tee’s Club Radio Mix] – The Cardigans
  4. Shallow Grave {Taken from “Shallow Grave” O.S.T.} – Leftfield
  5. Born Slippy {Taken from “Trainspotting” O.S.T.} – Underworld
  6. Papua New Guinea {Taken from “Cool World” O.S.T.} – The Future Sound of London
  7. Crash and Carry {Taken from “Shopping” O.S.T.} – Orbital
  8. Slid – Pdfmone – Fluke
  9. Wake Up {Taken from “Shopping” O.S.T.} – Stereo MC’s
  10. Wild Wood [Paul Weller Vs Portishead] – Paul Weller
  11. This Is Not America {Taken from “The Falcon and the Snowman” O.S.T.} – David Bowie
  12. Downtown {Taken from “Bad Influence” O.S.T.} – Lloyd Cole
  13. Wait for the Sun {Taken from “Boys” O.S.T.} – Supergrass
  14. Natural One – Folk Implosion
  15. Gone {Taken Form “Les Menteurs” O.S.T.} – Sarah Cracknell
  16. Play Dead {Taken from “Young Americans” O.S.T.} – David Arnold
  17. Small Plot of Land {Taken From”Basquiat” O.S.T.} – David Bowie
  18. Forbidden Colours [Version] {Original Version Written for “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence – David Sylvian}
  19.  Falling – Julee Cruise

Disc: 2

  1. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me {Taken from “Batman Forever” O.S.T – U2
  2. 36 Degrees {Taken from “Daytripper” O.S.T.} – Placebo
  3. Sunshine Shakers {Taken from “Daytripper” O.S.T.} – Reef
  4. Begging You {Taken from “Boys” O.S.T.} – The Stone Roses
  5. Let’s All Go Together {Taken from “Barbwire” O.S.T.} – Marion
  6. I Spy {Taken from “Mission Impossible” O.S.T.} – Pulp
  7. There She Goes {Taken from “Fever Pitch” O.S.T}
  8. You and Me Song {Taken from “Romeo and Juliet” O.S.T.} – The Wannadies
  9. Bad Behaviour {Taken from “Twintown” O.S.T.} – Super Furry Animals
  10. Lust for Life {Taken from “Trainspotting” O.S.T.} – Iggy Pop
  11. That Woman’s Got Me Drinking {Taken from “Trees Lounge” O.S.T.} – Shane MacGowan
  12. Perfect Crime {Taken from “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” O.S.T.} – Faith No More
  13. Sugar Ray {Taken from “Freejack” O.S.T.} – The Jesus & Mary Chain
  14. Misirlou {Taken from “Pulp Fiction” O.S.T.}
  15. 5:15 {Taken from “Quadrophenia” O.S.T.}
  16. Pet Semetary {Taken from “Pet Semetary” O.S.T.} – The Ramones
  17. Pretty in Pink {Taken from “Pretty in Pink” O.S.T.} – The Psychedelic Furs
  18. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon – Urge Overkill
  19. Left of Center {Taken from “Pretty in Pink” O.S.T.} – Suzanne Vega
  20. Stuck in the Middle With You {Taken from “Reservoir Dogs” O.S.T.} – Stealers Wheel
  21. How Can We Hang on to a Dream {Taken from “Fever Pitch” O.S.T.} – Tim Hardin

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