Certain Damage Vol.3

Released at October 31, 1987

Release date:

October 31, 1987 


CMJ Records




College Music Journal CMJ-CD 0003

LONG out-of-print compilation CD released in October 1987 by College Music Journal (CMJ) as part of their on-going “Certain Damage” series. This is volume #3 in the series, a very rare and hard to find edition in this highly collectable series! The “Certain Damage” series catered to radio and retail outlets, not the public at large. Today, the Certain Damage series continues (with upwards of 115+ volumes at last count), but today’s Certain Damage CDs, with their continued focus on radio/retail, largely lack the AWESOME songs that appeared on the very early volumes (like this one!)

Promotional release only. Not for sale. Made in U.S.A.


  1. Robbie Robertson – Somewhere Down the Crazy River
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Party on your Pussy
  3. Cabaret Voltaire – Here To Go
  4. Bryan Ferry – The Right Stuff
  5. David Sylvian – Orpheus
  6. House of Freaks – Bottom of the Ocean
  7. Peter Gordon – Brooklyn
  8. Big Mouth – You Need ID
  9. Tom Caufield – Precious Town
  10. Cry Before Dawn – The Seed That’s Been Sawn
  11. Cindy Lee Berryhill – She had Everything
  12. Fields of the Nephlin – Preacher Man
  13. Lion – Powerlove
  14. Bob March – Keystone Cowboy
  15. Kool Moe Dee – How Ya Like me Now
  16. Aztec Camera – Deep and Wide and Tall

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