Max Ernst – A Little Girl Dreams Of Taking The Veil

Published at January 1, 1982

This is the book that inspired David to write the track Taking The Veil.

Text on the back reads:
First published in Paris in 1930, A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil is Max Ernst’s second collage-novel. One of the forermost surrealist artists, Max Ernst has created here a bizarre and enchanting set of images by juxtaposing illustrations from all kinds of books new and old. The collages tell the dream of a young who, having lost her virginity on the day of her first communion, commits herself to a religous vocation. Her dream is an impious and schizophrenic nightmare richly and ironically conceived. Full of alarming images this dreamscape resisits rational interpretation.
A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil is a haunting tour de force which has lost none of its shock or value.

Original published in Paris 1930. Displayed copy is from 1982.

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