David Sylvian – The Last Romantic

Published at September 23, 2004

Now in it’s 3rd edition

208 page book, which describes the career of David Sylvian, starting in 1973 with the first Japan’s gig at Mick’s brother’s wedding and ends in 1995. The last period (1993-1995) covers only a few pages. This can be explained by the fact that the book is primarily based upon interviews and personal interviews with people close to David with the exception of David himself.
Martin is definitely a fan himself and he is luckily also very objective and will not hesitate to fire off some humorous side notes himself.

In 2000 a second, revisited print was released. This new version of the 1998 book, has been extended to 224 pages. Martin Powers removed the last, very brief chapter and replaced it by a chapter, named Coda, which covers David’s carreer during the releases of Dead Bees On A Cake and Approaching Silence. As the book is primarily based upon interviews, a lot of things are known to the readers, but Martin puts a lot of personal opinions and feelings in this chapter. Unfortunately, still a lot of the known errors are still in this version and in the last chapter, Martin consistantly names the track Talheim as Thaliem.

On September 13th 2004, the third edition of the book was released and extended to 240 pages. The chapter Coda was renamed to Of Love And Devotion and has been a bit shortened. Added is the last chapter called Pilgrim of Crisis which is about Blemish and David’s tour.
Although the book is more complete than the previous versions and Mark used some more sources (trophies.org is mentioned too), I feel that at the time the book went to press (early 2004) he had time enough to change to mistakes from the previous editions and look up several missing catalogue numbers on davidsylvian.net. I’m afraid he has some work to do for the fourth edition. And, still no word of David’s collaboration with Andrea Chimenti…..

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