Chris Crader – Moments In Time

Published at January 1, 2008

Chris Crader is a well known photographer in the Sylvian community. He made wonderful pictures of David and band during the Everything And Nothing tour in 2002 and in 2007 at the The World Is Everything tour.The book is 27 pages, most being full page images of David and band members on stage. The first half of the book consists of images shot at Park West Chicago in 2002.

The second half of the book was shot at the Teatro Accademia, Conegliano, Italy in 2007.

Chris writes:

After coming back from Italy in 2007, I realised that I had all these images that were basically only ever going to be seen by a very limited amount of people.
I wanted to find a way of sharing the images in a tangible way, that would hopefully do justice to the original quality of the images and wouldn’t be too expensive.


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