Welcome back ?

In Februari 2006, the latest full-resource version of davidsylvian.net (formerly Trophies) was closed.

Lately, I’m involved in a web-application project that has very similar needs to what the site was a few years ago. In order to experiment with the knowledge and experience I have, I decided to use the old database and convert/re-write the software to the current standards and needs. So, what you get is the knowledge database back for your needs and for me a sandbox to experiment with a ready built database for my personal needs.

Will it stay online?

Don’t know. The resource you’re looking at was updated some years ago and I’m adding and changing news to it to let it have some additional value to the fans. All releases, tourings etc. which happened in the time that Trophies was closed, will be updated in the few spare hours I have. Can’t guarentee anything now.

Why was it closed?

Lack of time on one side and the lack of interest from the other side. That simple.

It was clear that the fans missed this Trophies site. Numerous mails are still in my inbox, mostly unanswered, just because I didn’t have the time. Now, that my working schedule has changed since september 2008, I’m trying to make it up. Where possible, I’ll answer your questions and suggestions and ‘good bye’ messages from 36 months ago. Nevertheless, thank you all for supporting then and hopefully in the near future and help me to keep this site up and running for as long as possible.




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