Artwork by David Sylvian on album As Found

As Found by Youtchkova / Thieke / Carroll
(sound anatomy SA10 CD)

Compact Disc (CD)

  1. as found (37:55)
  2. as left (08:35)

Biliana Voutchkova: violin
Michael Thieke: clarinet
Roy Carroll: electro-acoustic media

Recording Engineer: Adam Asnan
Mastering: Richard Scott
Photography/Artwork: David Sylvian
Recorded live on 25th January 2015 at Studio 8, Berlin

Voutchkova/Thieke/Carroll make tactile, kinetic, luminous acoustic music; focused on aspects of timbre, tuning, and auditory/psycho-acoustic phenomena. Their debut album on Berlin’s Sound… more

shipping out on or around August 20, 2017
For information and to order this album, please visit the bandcamp site.

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