Echoes: Voices Of The Soul (cassette)

  • David Sylvian and John Diliberto circa 1992 in Echoes basement studio.

Published at June 23, 1993

This cassette features an interview special with David Sylvian, featuring Robert Fripp, David Torn, Jon Hassell and Mick Karn. Interview was released on cassette in 1993.

Echoes: Voices Of The Soul is a collection of artist features released  on cassette by the popular Public Radio music program Echoes. Each feature involves the artist talking about his or her work with an  introduction and comments by an Echoes producer, with clips of the artists’ music as backdrop or interludes. These were originally broadcast by the program during the early ’90s. Each is several minutes in duration. Echoes no longer offers Voices of the Soul for sale.

Liner notes

Track 4. David Sylvian: Music For The Interior Life
A former pop star with the group Japan, Sylvian’s solo albums journey through graceful songs & dreamy instrumentals with all-star rosters, including guitarist Rober Fripp& trumpeter Mark Isham.
Sylvian discusses his move away from pop music & into a more introspective music. He’s joined by Robert Fripp, David Torn, Jon Hassell and Mick Karn.


Peter Gabriel: Inner Moods – Outer Worlds
Philip Glass’s Low Symphony
Kate Bush: Siren of the Soul
David Sylvian: Music for the Interior Life
Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists
Brian Eno: Enosense
Enya: Celtic Choirs
Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells Returns


Echoes is a daily program of contemperary instrumental music broadcast on over 120 radio American Public Radio stations.

Echoes was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts & American Public Radio member stations.
Producer: John Dilliberto
Executive producer & narrator: Kimberly Haas
Associate producer: Jeff Towne

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