Alex Cline Ensemble – The Constant Flame

Released at July 31, 2001

Release date:

July 31, 2001 




Cryptogramophone CG110

Features hommage to David.

2.Evening Bell
3.Constant Flame
4.Wreath of Rain
6.Summoning Spirits
7.Six Poems by Akiko Yosano

Very good album and indeed, Bridge is reminding a bit of David’s work. On Bridge, Dan Morris on mridangam, Christopher Garcia on mbwata and Peter Erskine on snare drum. Voices by Aina Kemanis.

5. Bridge (for David Sylvian) 13:09

Alex Cline’s comments in the booklet for dedicating the track to David:
…. “It is dedicated to musician David Sylvian, of whom I am simply a huge fan. Perhaps of interest, this two-part piece was written long before I knew that some the themes of transformation explored in the lyrics could be viewed as relating to events in his own life or that two of my choices of instrumentation (mridangam and harmonium) could be seen as reflective of his eventual devotion to an Indian guru (those instruments originally having been chosen for purely orchestrational reasons).”….


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