Wave (live 1993)

Released at July 15, 2004

Release date:

July 15, 2004





It seems that I remember
I dreamed a thousand dreams
We'd face the days together
No matter what they'd bring
A strength inside like I'd never known
Opened the door to life and let it go

This sun may shine forever
Upon the back of love
A kingdom raised from ashes
And held within your arms
And should the rain break through the trees
We'll find a shelter there and never leave

I'll run to you, nothing stands between us now
Nothing I can lose
This light inside can never die
Another world just made for two
I'll swim the seas inside with you
And like the waves, without a sound
I'll never let you down

Upon a wave of summer
A hilltop paved with gold
We shut our eyes and made
The promises we hold
A will to guide and see us through
I'd do it all again because of you

I'd tear my very soul to make you mine



Performed live in 1993 during the Road To Graceland Tour.Personnel

David Sylvian: guitar, keyboards, vocals.
Robert Fripp: guitar, fripper-tronics.
Trey Gunn: Chapman sticks, vocals.
Michael Brook: infinite guitar.
Pat Mastelotto: drums.


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