The House In Which We Live (Mood #1) (live 1992)

Released at March 1, 1992

Release date:

March 1, 1992








David Sylvian

We enter the circle
Arches that burn
Lights on the colours and cornices
Leaves parch and inject the air with moisture
Walk into the small building to the dust that sweeps the tiny half-moon
And above some steps, onto the moving eye of God
The coarse chatters and sounds of the many people
Framework binds the skin, pulling tight
No sleep, lying in the dugout
Held by the sound of the blood beat

We'll build our harbours
High on sand
Let water in to overflowing

Sealed up doors with
Stars and kisses
Coloured shadows hidden home

Like figures on a bed of coal
Full moons rise up
And forgive

We climb the ladder
Descending low
To reach the grounds
Of the house in which we live
Blinding light of heaven

I turn the tables
You concentrate
I tell her stories
She speaks of everything she sees
I'm in the shade
She's in the blinding light of heaven.

The fire laid
My paper boats
Now she stands before the opening
The buttons of her coat
I find myself
Wrapped in the open arms of heaven

She's giving me everything she owns

The highest words
His idle hands
I turn my back
Where she's done everything she can
I've lied awake
Thinking about the bubbly adventures

She's giving me directions of
I don't see a thing

You told me off
Grace I lacked
You clipped my wings
But now my strength is coming back
I layed my case
Before the open heart of heaven


Performed live in 1992 at The First Day Tour.

Superb track. Was published on a couple of bootlegs. But according to David himself, there is a studio version ready as well as a 15 minute remix by David Singleton! Nobody knows if this one is ever going to be released.Personnel

David Sylvian: guitar, keyboards, vocals.
Robert Fripp: guitar, fripper-tronics.
Trey Gunn: Chapman sticks, vocals.

lyrics provided by fans.


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