Some Small Hope

Released at November 1, 1986

Release date:

November 1, 1986


© 1986 by WEA Music.






WEA Music.

All those dreams lie unfulfilled
All those lives that pass us by
Careless thoughts torment my lonely soul
But my trust is still pure

Why must all the days be dark
Can no one ever escape their fears
Could we ever fill such a sad despair
With just one small hope

Like a corpse deep in the earth
I'm so alone
Restless thoughts torment my soul
As fears they lay confirmed
But my life has always been this way

Breathing in these perfect hours
My regrets still try to drown me
Soon the past will be just an emptiness
Far away

Now you've gone
Time will pass
Friends we'll leave
(I'll) Close my eyes
Far away

Some small hope
Far away


Duet with Virginia Astley. Produced and arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

In the gallery you’ll find pictures, taken from a Japanese blog, during the recording sessions of this track with Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian (with original captions).

He/she writes:

I do not remember exact date when Mr. David Sylvian,ex Japan’s vocalist came to the Wool Hall. He came to the studio for singing with Miss. Astley, song called ‘“Some Small Hope’. Mr. Sakamoto and Miss. Astley wrote it. But I had no idea when they did it.

The session had finished in a couple hours. When the session finished, it was around dinner time. Since Mr.Sylvian needed to be back in London soon, he excused us to take a dinner with us.

Mr. Sakamoto was doing dubbing session later on.

I love SOME SMALL HOPE very much. Especially I can feel those sounds are coming from somewhere in a church. It make me feel so ease and sacred.

Data: Bagpipe and marimba sounds are from Fairlight 3. Mr. Sakamoto played the acoustic piano at the studio. Discord sounds in the song were played the piano strings. The synth pad in the song was mostly from prophet-5, and Shakuhachi sounds in the bridge section was from Emulator-2. Final mix was done at Take One studio at Shinjyuku, Tokyo Japan.


  • Mr.Sylvian talks Mr. Sakamoto?at the studio.

  • Mr.Sylvian talks Mr. Sakamoto?at the studio.

  • Working on. See a monitor at the upper left.

  • Due to vacal dubbing

  • we made the control room pretty dark. Mr. Sakamoto is on you right in the pict

  • It seems the session is going well.

  • Right after the session at the living room.

  • Right after the session at the living room.

  • Mr. Sakamoto was doing dubbing session later on.

  • Video

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