Life, Life

Released at March 29, 2017

Release date:

March 29, 2017


Kab America Inc




Milan Records

And this I dreamt, and this I dream,
And some time this I will dream again,
And all will be repeated, all be re-embodied,
You will dream everything I have seen in dream.

To one side from ourselves, to one side from the world
Wave follows wave to break on the shore,
On each wave is a star, a person, a bird,
Dreams, reality, death - on wave after wave.

No need for a date: I was, I am, and I will be,
Life is a wonder of wonders, and to wonder
I dedicate myself, on my knees, like an orphan,
Alone - among mirrors - fenced in by reflections:
Cities and seas, iridescent, intensified.
A mother in tears takes a child on her lap.

life life by ryuichi sakamoto feat. david sylvian

The track includes the poem ‘And This I Dreamt, And This I Dream’ by Arseny Tarkovsky from the bundle ‘Life, Life’.

David Sylvian’s spoken word vocal was originally recorded ahead of Ryuichi’s appearance in the ‘Concert for Japan’. Another recording was used at that concert, so this reading appears here for the first time.

  • life life by ryuichi sakamoto feat. david sylvian

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