Untitled (Janus 2/99 page 27)

Janus magazine cover
Released at July 1, 1999

Release date:

July 1, 1999


© 1999 by David Sylvian




De Standaard / David Sylvian

There is a heart-space
Inside the heart-place
I wait for you

There is a heart-space
Where all are waiting
Attending your return

The wait is endless
already done
We afford you a glimpse
But your back's towards us
turn to face us

All your mothers and fathers
Children and grandchildren
All here turn
Great Great grandchildren
Surround you
The once mother
Now child
You walk amongst them

There is a heart-space
I wait without candle
For you know your own way back

As published in Janus Magazine, issue 2/99, July 1st 1999 on page 27
Janus magazine is a free magazine as delivered with the Belgium paper De Standaard.
Article can be found in the link below: A Shaman’s Song By David Sylvian and Carl De Keyzer


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