Takagi Masakatsu – COIEDA

Released at September 8, 2004

Release date:

September 8, 2004 


2004 Polystar Co. Ltd./W+K Tokyo Lab






Enhanced CD with full audio and video samples.

A rare, great promo CD with all of the CD/DVD boxset on one CD.

The promo is an enhanced CD featuring the complete audio set of the boxset plus a QuickTime move with samples of the videos.

Tracklist Audio CD:

  1. pia flies
  2. new flat
  3. midnight
  4. cruz
  5. exit/delete (featuring David Sylvian)
  7. O.P.R. (featuring Toma Itoko)
  8. dogma
  9. girls
  10. private drawing
  11. cuba
  12. birldland #3
  13. change of seasons
  14. opfern
  15. primo (featuring Toma Itoko)

Quicktime movie contains samples of:

  1. birdland #3
  2. girls
  3. maggie’s trip
  4. private drawing
  5. new flat
  6. aura
  7. primo

* note: the video Exit/Delete_first_sight is not included in the movie.

All sounds by Takagi Masakatsu
except 5: vocal by David Sylvian
Additional info of audio:
track 2: field recording in Titowan
track 9, 12, 15: originally recorded during the live performance at SPIRAL Hall on 26th October 2003
track 11: inspired by Spangle call Lilli Line “Lilli Disco”

Mastering: Kotaro Kojima (FLAIR)
Creative direction: John C Jay, Somiko Sato
A&R direction/producer: Bruce D Ikeda
Project supervisor: Kei Sakuragi
Executive producers: Ken Hosokawa, Arto Hampartsoumian
All images and sounds by Takagi Masakatsu (2003)


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