M: – The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Mabuse

Released at January 1, 2002

Release date:

January 1, 2002 


Andreas Thein (Propaganda)





Official promo-only 1000 copies release, pressed in Austria at Sony DACD.


  1. Disziplin (early demo, version 1) [Cover version of the Throbbing Gristle song] 3:36
  2. Sonde (early demo version) 3:58
  3. Disziplin dub (early demo, version 2) [Cover version of the Throbbing Gristle song] 7:23
  4. Sylvians machine (demo version with David Sylvian on keyboards) 3:36
  5. Dr Mabuse (Remix by Rei$$dorf Force) 7:13
  6. Dr Mabuse (Remix by Eric D. Clark) 6:54

On track 4 it’s David on keyboards, with Propaganda, rehearsing on a track that later became known as P-Machinery. Fun to have! Interesting note: the original demo tape with the Sylvian outtake survived 7 moves from Andreas Thein (London/Paris/New York/ 4x Germany).

Andreas Thein and Ralf Doerper, the two founders of Propaganda, released their early demo versions and some new mixes on this promo. The cover and all illustrations are designed and produced by Andreas Thein. This is not a release of the artist/group Propaganda. The soundquality is not always 100 %, because the first 4 tracks are copied from the original demo tapes.


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