David is NOT performing with Fennesz in Italy

Christan Fennesz by Kevin Westenberg

The management of David Sylvian pointed out that David Sylvian is NOT performing with Christian in Italy. Due to artistic reasons, it is not possible play Venice live. The original announcement on Christian’s site has been removed too, but Christian is actually playing at the festival! Dates will be confirmed soon. The Fano community site lists that Christian Fennesz is playing with Musiques Nouvelles Christian on July 25th. It’s official: David is NOT performing.

The original announcement was that on July 24th at the Il Violino e La Selce Festival in Fano, Italy, Christian Fennesz would be performing Venice live with guests David Sylvian, Burkhard Stangl and Jon Wozencroft. The following sets will be performed by Christian Fennesz on July 25th 2004: first set – fennesz live show with fennesz (laptop and guitars) + jon wosencroft (visuals) second set – fennesz with ensemble musiques nouvelles (string trio) More info soon available at the Il Violino e La Selce Festival website and check out fennesz.com.

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