Thermal (Arve Henriksen & Jan Bang live)

Released at July 26, 2009

Release date:

July 26, 2009





Morning, you lay sleeping
Your small body clinging tightly to mine
With frightening dependency
Life defining, impossible to betray

And with that…
The mattress rose
Set adrift on the burgeoning emotional tide
Colliding with the once stationary objects
Of an uninhabited life

What had been concealed
Was exhaled from god knows where
Colour-drained, unsalvageable
Shape shifting
And, with function relinquished
Resigned from service

Two blue sleeping bags
Nudged against one another
Bearing the once warm imprint of our bodies

The sun-baked stone garden
Retracted its promise
It was cold in that place of perpetual summer

If you were afraid you didn’t show it
You who were born bearing the face
Of irrepressible grief

So as not to disappoint you
I lay motionless
Rapt by the rise and stall of your breathing
Your fingertips and thighs
Quietly affirming my place at your side.

This track was performed live by Arve Henriksen and Jan Bang in Frankfurt on July 26th, 2009. The voice of David is on tape.

The original track can be found on Arve Henriksen’s album Cartography.


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