Approaching Silence (alternate)

Released at September 27, 1999

Release date:

September 27, 1999


Virgin Records Ltd.






Opium Arts (Ltd)

The version can be found on the US release of the Approaching Silence  album.

It’s different from the UK version! On the US version (which is has a bit brighter sound than the UK version) some spoken words from the Redemption soundtrack by Robert Fripp can be clearly heard. The UK version has also these fragments but you need a good ear to specify them, especially in the first few minutes. Obiously, the US version is differently mastered from the UK version.

The track Approaching Silence was originally used as the soundtrack of the 1994 Redemption exhibition (/w Robert Fripp 1994), but until now unreleased.
* These tracks were perviously released on the soundtrack of the Ember Glance box (1990).
Produced by David Sylvian.
Engineerd by Dave Kent.


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