Answered Prayers (Farbeak remix)

Released at May 15, 2010

Release date:

May 15, 2010






Answered Prayers (remix by Farbeak)

Brilliant remix by FarbeakUnauthorised remix of David Sylvians ‘Answered Prayers’ from the Gone to Earth album (1986)

Farbeak is a Dutch artist/producer of indie, ambient and dance music, who released most of his work in the nineties under different aliases. After a break of 10 years, this remix is one of his first new projects. Check out his music on

About the remix

“Although I have enjoyed the music of Japan and David Sylvian since the mid eighties, I only heard ‘Gone to Earth’ for the first time in December 2009. Initially I thought it was a bit old and not relevant anymore, but soon it touched me and I played it a lot. Because of its beautifull sound ‘Answered Payers’ became one of my favorites. Later I felt that I could create a more earthly context for it. So I added a bassline and percussion and played some guitar on top of that. All parts were recorded around the first minute of the original. I enjoyed doing this remix and I’m happy with the result.”


Created with Ableton Live. Instruments used: Fender acoustic bassguitar and Novation basstation.

  • Answered Prayers (remix by Farbeak)

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