Illusion (Sandii & The Sunsets)

Released at September 21, 1982

Release date:

September 21, 1982


1982 by Alfa Records Inc.





Once upon a time you slipped into my life
You'd offer love and then you'd leave
Now I'm trying to remember
The reason why you meant so much to me

This time I'll try to hold you so tightly
This time I"ll be sure to keep you in my arms
All I need is a clue
A key to open your heart

I'm still enchanted by the illusion
I'm still bewitched by your intention
So you can act as you like
You can play and laugh as you please
Once upon a time you walked out of my life
And I wished you'd gone forever
But you soon came running back to me
And my heart just surrendered

David provided lyrics to this track.

Words by Makoto Kubota, Sandii, and David Sylvian


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