Mind Music

Released at October 6, 1999

Release date:

October 6, 1999 


EMI Hong Kong




EMI Hong Kong 5 22944 2

Hong Kong only release.

To begin with, it’s amazing that Praise made it on a compilation. But it did! The album contains also Heartbeat by R. Sakamoto, but the digipack contains the lyrics of Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II) by David Sylvian!!
And….. do we have another rare track over here? A sticker on the package claims that the tracks were 24-bit remastered!! The CD is made of gold.

The CD is extrememly beautiful printed and is a gold disc! (as Damage). The CD is seated in a digipack with lyrics (incl. Heartbeat!) and reference list of albums.

Also included on this page is the artwork of a Hong Kong (Chinese text) release. I don’t know if this was an official release.

  • Hong Kong release of Mind Music

  • Hong Kong release of Mind Music


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