Sweet Billy Pilgrim single out

Sweet Billy Pilgrim, well known for their excellent remix of The Heart Knows Better on the Blemish remix album Good Son vs The Only Daughter released a great single which can be bought here.

Do not forget to download the marvellous tracks on their website first! These will get you into the right mood and the single will just go on from there. Love it!


1. Stars Spill Out Of Cups
2. God In the Details
3. Atlantis

Some quotes: “Like James Yorkston with more edge” High Voltage “Sweet Billy Pilgrim successfully traverses the journey between the earthy (Wilco, Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens) and the ethereal (Blue Nile, Eno, David Sylvian” Mansion On The Hill “Achingly Beautiful”, Shifty Disco “That’s nice, really nice in fact” Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio

The radically re-worked tracks include Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s striking version of The Heart Knows Better” HMV “Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s lovely rebuilding of “The Heart Knows Better” brings out a fiercely pop quality to the song” Marcus Boon (on SBP remixing David Sylvian). ” Sweet Billy Pilgrim makes an impressive job of adding melody and hooks, in fact it sounds very much like something plucked from the Rain Tree Crow project.” Barcode “Beautiful, just beautiful. If these tracks are anything to go by then I can only hope great things are going to happen. I think you’ll agree it’s sublime” SVC “It’s somewhere between ‘Peace at Last’ period Blue Nile, some twists of latter day King Crimson and a nudge of Elbow.” Kelvin Hayes – Buzz Magazine “Tantalising, only three tracks on this lovely little ep, and a world away from the check shirt by numbers alt-country scene, this is great songwriting and spellbinding arrangements, beautifully played and sung. enchanting stuff, very highly recommended.” Boomkat “It just might contain your next favourite song — and after you’ve bought it and listened to it for a week, that fave song will slowly and surely be whispering sweet (billy pilgrim) ‘somethings’ into your ear.” Six Eyes “A lifetime’s career may be built upon an original, convincing viewpoint. Stars Spill Out Of Cups, the first of three tracks on this 15 minute single suggests that they might be one of those relatively rare bands capable of achieving this.” Colin Buttimer – The Milk Factory More info and shop at: www.sweetbillypilgrim.com. Also check out their weblog 😉

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