Zero Landmine (benefit broadcast)

part 1
part 2
Broadcast on April 30, 2001

The Zero Landmine show was a two hour show, filled with japanese celebraties and officials and footages in order to raise money for the Zero Landime project. In that show, Ryuichi Sakamoto visits areas, covered with landmines (Mozambique).

Footage from the NYC sessions with Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian,Steve Jansen and Arto Lindsay

Also footages were shown of the project No More Landmine, which came available on EP and as a grand finale, a 20 minute show live performance. A short clip was shown of David’s contribution. Broadcast was on April 30, 2001

Show notes

Executive Hosts: Tetsuya Chikushi, Miho Kanno
Cast: Ryuichi Sakamoto, CHARA, DJ KRUSH, DREAMS COME TRUE, Haruomi Hosono, Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr.Children), Mari Fujiwara, Motoharu Sano, REIGAKUSYA, SUGIZO, Taeko Onuki, TAKURO (GLAY), TERU (GLAY), The Little Singers of Tokyo, UA, Yamataka, Yukihiro Takahashi, Yuuichi Ise, Arto Lindsay, Brian Eno, Choi Su Jyung, Cindy Lauper, David Sylvian, Jadranka, Jaques Morelenbaum, Kim Duk-Soo, Kraftwerk, Lee Jun-Woo, Sonaali Rathod, Steve Jansen, Talvin Singh, Ustad Sultan Khan, Waldemar Bastos, Yun Seo-Kyong, Fuminori Shinozaki, Ryo Takada

Broadcast Schedule: April 30, 2001 Live 9:00 pm ~ 11:24 pm (Japan Time)


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