Toronto Canada, Danforth Music Hall

May 8, 2002

May 8, 2002


The Scent of Magnolia
God man
I surrender
Jean The Birdman
Midnight Sun
Boy With The Gun
Rooms of Sixteen Shimmers
Cover Me With Flowers
Zero Landmine
Forbidden Colours
Krishna Blue

1st encore

2nd encore

3rd encore
Red Guitar


Review by John Leonardelli:

From the opening number it was a night of magic. The sound was fantastic even though the stageset was rather sparse. But, David smiling from the start!!!! David was very relaxed and the band was dialed in. I was very pleased with the set list and after a few requests and 4 encores the magic was over. But the memories will remain. I was a bit surprised that the sound was more keyboards based than I originally thought. The last tour was more guitarish of course with Fripp but found the live tracks very enjoyable. As well the venue choice was quite good, small and intimate and perfect for the show. Still, seeing David joking and having a good time was great. Brother Steve was very very tight and they miked the drum kit very well. All in all an excellent show and I was elated and sadenned when the house lights came up.

Review by Alaina Goetz:

He commentated in Toronto, “I do love playing in Toronto”. The crowd was amazed and very appreciative. Seemed much more a European crowd. Like some of the other commentators, Mr. Cooper seemed a bit over the top, but extremely talented and by the third show I was used to it. David blew my mind and Blackwater brought me to tears. I fell in love with the two new songs. “Rooms of the 16 shimmers” I found out (maybe not new?) – WOW! By the time I saw him last night in SF, the people around me already had set lists! It was in a theater so everyone was kind of locked in their chairs, mesmerized by the beauty unfolding before them. Encores the most intense in Toronto. I remember he introduced Steve as his brother – and thanked Gerrit. I was curious to see if he would be wearing the same outfit – and he was. He projects his sophistication with an open heart – his complicated simplicity bringing fashion to a new level. Something rarely achieved in America.


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