BBC Radio 6 interview by Mary Anne Hobbs

David Sylvian special, Mary Ann Hobbs radio show on BBC Radio 6
Broadcast on October 27, 2022

On 27 October at 10.30am (UK), David Sylvian appeared on the Mary Anne Hobbs radio show on BBC Radio 6. The first (and maybe last) interview since 15 years!

A special Spirit of Sylvian show in which Mary Anne celebrates the body of work of former Japan frontman David Sylvian, including aa specially recorded Audio Diary, in which he shares thoughts and ideas – his first public dialogue for around 15 years. The playlist includes artists who’ve influenced him, musicians he’s inspired, his own collaborations and solo work, and music Mary Anne would like to play for the genre-straddling and often enigmatic star.

From the BBC Radio 6 website:

‘One of the world’s most enigmatic musicians, David Sylvian, shares thoughts and ideas in a specially recorded audio diary for the show, his first interview for fifteen years. Mary Anne will also be celebrating his incredible body of work for a ‘spirit of Sylvian’ show special featuring some of the contemporary musicians he has inspired.’


  1. Japan – Some Kind Of Fool
  2. David Sylvian – Orpheus
  3. David Sylvian – Late Night Shopping
  4. David Sylvian – Blemish
  5. David Sylvian & Robert Fripp – God’s Monkey
  6. David Sylvian – The Good Son
  7. David Sylvian – A Fire In The Forest
  8. Nine Horses – A History Of Holes
  9. Japan – Nightporter
  10. Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again
  11. Japan – The Art Of Parties
  12. Japan – Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  13. Japan – My New Career
  14. Japan – Quiet Life

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