Lying With You

Released at May 1, 1988

Release date:

May 1, 1988


David Sylvian





In the bed
On the streets without end
Quiet echoes of fall
Between buildings and flags

Sweet the world
In black coffee cup saints
Where nothing is long
Nothing's given away

Then the saints
Carve history out of stone
The absurb is filled with shame
And we turn with our backs from a difficult day

Could I read a thousand books in your eyes
The way your smile just brings you to
The sky that's wide open
And shines away, the darkest blue

Lying with you

(lyrics provided by fans)

also known as I Am With You (recorded in Newcastle and Brussels 1988.

This is the working title of a song that David only performed during the soundchecks of the In Praise Of Shaman tour.


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