CKDU-FM Unbroadcast Interview 1987

Published at November 7, 1987

David Boyle from CKDU-FM in Halifax, interviewed David back in 1987. This interview was never broadcast!

Originally published on SoundCloud (2012)

David’s comment on this interview:

In 1987, I spoke to David Sylvian upon the release of his fourth solo album, Secrets of the Beehive for CKDU-FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At  the time, I thought his responses (often to questions posed by bigger  Japan fans than I was; Jim and Geoff, where are you now?) were less than enthusiastic and I opted to neither edit nor broadcast the interview.
Listening now, I think his answers were thoughtful and generous,  especially to an interviewer who anticipates Chris Farley’s technique with Paul McCartney. Sylvian’s closing comments regarding his increasing perfectionism are especially notable, given no subsequent solo album would appear until Dead Bees on a Cake in 1999.


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