Sleepwalkers (Catalogue Of Wonders intrumental remix 1)

Released at October 23, 2010

Release date:

October 23, 2010


copyright 2010 David Sylvian





One beautiful remix out of a fantastic collection by the Catalogue of Wonders, named David Sylvian – A Man Without QualitiesFrom catalogue of wonders:

This group of remixes is an assemblage of remixes done over the years by several members of the catalogue of wonders. because of a computer crash we lost the credits for the tracks but we know some of the authors of the remixes. after deliberating with them we prefer, in almost all cases, to abstain from credit them these remixes are a labour of love and are not intended as a superior craftmanship or professional re-works. some of the remix artists didn’t even wanted to upload them, ‘they are for our own pleasure’, some said and we quote. all but one were made spontaneously. the only commissioned was ‘snow white in apalachia’ remixed by an-men in 2009 to illustrate a video on david sylvian and later the page on the Please consider these remixes as hommages to david sylvian and  collaborators


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