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 David's site has been updated with new artfiles, pictures, a personal message in the news section and offers a new download: Late Night Shopping (tweaking the tweaker remix). Note that this is NOT the same version as the remix found on the B-side of the tweaker single. 

The gallery on this site has been extened with many beautiful pictures of David performing live in Osaka, Aprl 27th. All pictures taken by Derek (except for the pictures taken in Moscow, these are by Jack). 

David and Steve are both interviewed in the June issue of Record Collector. Steve discusses his drumming style and David reflects on his time with Japan and his solo albums, he also says that the biggest regret of his professional career is that the Rain Tree Crow project did not continue.

David had just finished up work on a song for the anime incarnation of the justifiably famous manga MONSTER. The music from "Monster" is released in Japan on 23/6. The catalogue number is VPCG 84807. For more information, take a look here.

David has recorded an alternate version of the track Messenger, which will probably appear as a bonus track on the Japanese issue of the Blonde Redhead album Misery is a butterfly and on the upcoming Blonde Redhead single Equus. Note that neither of these releases have been officially confirmed.

The previously unreleased remix of Late Night Shopping by tweaker (Chris Vrenna) is released on a split 7" single with Skool Daze, Alec Empire's reinterpretation of Chris Vrenna's score to American McGee's Alice.

David will contribute on Takagi Masakatsu's new album COIEDA, coming out September 8, 2004. The track is called exit/delete.

David will be touring again, starting with 2 dates in Russia and 4 dates in Japan.
Samadhi Sound, the label of David, will be releasing some very interesting titles in the near future. One of them is a re-issue of the World Citizen EP. Buy it at Amazon.co.uk. Click here.
February issue of Uncut magazine (UK) features an interview with Chris Roberts. Besides the regular QA's, there's more about Brilliant Trees-cocaine and David-skateboards.
Yuka Fujii, long time Sylvian artistic collaborator, has particitipated in an exhibition called 'Minus One' curated by Atsuhide Ito and featuring Noriko Tanaka. 
On April 20 2004, the new album by Tweaker, 2am wake-up call, is released. ROBERT SMITH of the Cure, WILL OLDHAM (Bonnie "Prince" Billy) and DAVID SYLVIAN provide vocals on the new album by TWEAKER, the alias for former Nine Inch Nails programmer-drummer CHRIS VRENNA. The album, due April 20 from Waxploitation Records and iMUSIC, marks a strong step forward for Tweaker, with song structures taking precedence over the electronics of his past work.
The Japanese version of Blemish is released on October 22nd 2003 and features the bonus track Trauma. Read more about the Blemish release and the promo.
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