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Numerous counterfeits come from Russia. Take a look.

Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities (Russia)

Same tracklist as the 2003 re-issue of the official album.

[October 1, 2003]

Alesini / Andreoni - Marco Polo (Russia)

Russian version of this great project

[October 10, 1999]

Alesini / Andreoni - Marco Polo 2 (Russia)

Russian version of the Marco Polo successor

[October 10, 1999]

Approaching Silence (Russia)

Same tracklist as original.

[March 1, 2000]

Blemish (Russia)

Same tracklist as the original.

[August 1, 2003]

Brilliant Trees & Words With The Shaman (Russia)

Russian counterfeit with same tracklist as original.

[January 1, 1998]

Brilliant Trees (Russia, 2006 re-issue)

Russian counterfeit of the 2006 re-issue of Brilliant Trees

[January 1, 2007]

Camphor (2 CD, Russia)

Unofficial russian version of the double CD Camphor album.

[July 5, 2002]

Camphor (Russia)

Russian counterfeit of the instrumental compilation

[August 8, 2002]

Damage (Russia)

Same tracklist as original.

[March 1, 1999]

Darshan (Russia)

Tracklist as on original.

[June 21, 2000]

Dead Bees On A Cake (Russian 1)

Identical tracklist as original.

[January 1, 2000]

Dead Bees On A Cake (Russian 2)

Tracklist as original.

[April 1, 2001]

Died In The Wool (Russia)

Jewel case packed Russian counterfeit of this album.

[October 7, 2011]

Everything And Nothing (Russia)

Russian 2 disc version packed in jewel case

[August 1, 2000]

Everything And Nothing Part 3 / Godman (Russia)

Not a counterfeit of an official release, but a 2 in 1 release!

[November 12, 2001]

Flux And Mutability (Russia)

Same tracklist as original.

[February 1, 1998]

Gone To Earth (Remastered - Russia)

2CD counterfeit set of the remastered Gone To Earth

[December 1, 2004]

Gone To Earth (Russia)

Russian counterfeit of original release.

[June 4, 2000]

Gone To Earth - featuring Robert Fripp (Russia)

Russian counterfeit

[October 21, 2001]





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