Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Listed are the bootleg vinyl and cassettes as far as I know of them.
The tracklists are always as given by their actual title and if different, by the record inlay between brackets. Rare, bootleg only tracks will as always, be printed in bold.

Interview Vrije Universiteit, Brussels 8.10.82 (white vinyl)

Very limited edition of the interview disc, namely the white vinyl pressing, limited to 500 copies.

[August 25, 1982]

Alchemy - An Index Of Possibilities (bootleg)

vinyl bootleg

[January 1, 1985]

Alchemy - An Index Of Possibilities (bootleg 2)

vinyl bootleg

[January 2, 1985]

Paradise Of Shaman

3 record set in single sleeve.

[December 1, 1987]

The Ink Well (Russian Flexi Disc)

An unofficial Russian flexi disc called Japan - The Ink Well , with The Ink In The Well on it.

[June 18, 1999]

Plight and Premonition

Saudi Arabian bot cassette version of the first collaboration with Holger Czukay.

[May 22, 2013]




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